WLW Memes Buttons or Magnets

WLW Memes Buttons or Magnets

1.5 inch Buttons or 1.5 inch Magnets
Set of 6 or 12 - Message which options you would like if choosing the 6 set
OPTIONS: Too Gay for This, Useless Lesbian, As a Lesbian Supporter, There is No Heterosexual Explanation for This, Gal Pal, Waltzing Like It's 1698, Harold They're Lesbians, You're a Wanker Number Nine, Cheers Love the Calvary's Queer, Move I'm Gay, Lesbihonest, I'm Here I'm Queer, She Gay Dude Stop it lol, I'm Here Today Because I'm Gay, That's Lesbian Activity, Handmaiden, Feudal Lord, We Poppin the Biggest Bottles Tomorrow, Bezzie Mates

100% of profits will be donated to charity! 
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20 USD